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Maintenance technology of rice transplanter

Troubleshooting: first check whether the ratchet, pawl and torsion spring are in good condition. If they are damaged or fall off, they should be replaced; Then toggle the seedling feeding screw. If the ratchet rotates and the seedling feeding shaft does not rotate, it means that the steel wire pin falls off and the steel wire pin is reinstalled

the working angle of the seedling feeding shaft is small

reason: the peach wheel and the seedling feeding cam are seriously worn

Troubleshooting: open the cover of the working transmission box and replace it with a new one

the seedling feeding shaft does not work

reason: the positioning key of the peach wheel is damaged or missing; The peach wheel is stuck with the seedling feeding cam; The steel wire pin of the seedling feeding cam is broken or missing

Troubleshooting: if the two wheels are stuck, it is caused by the wear of seedling feeding and peach wheel. Remove the seedling feeding cam or peach wheel, file the working surface into a smooth arc with a file, and replace it if it is seriously worn; If the key or pin is damaged, replace it with a new one

the seedling feeding shaft works intermittently

reason: the peach shaped wheel return spring or the seedling feeding cam return spring is weak, so that the peach shaped wheel or the seedling feeding cam can return within 1~2 seconds

Troubleshooting: open the cover of the working transmission box, remove the two return springs and replace them with new ones

the positioning clutch handle is stuck

cause: after the separation cam is worn, it is stuck with the adjusting nut

Troubleshooting: remove the separation cam, and grind the cam working surface into a smooth arc surface with a grinding wheel or file

the main clutch is not completely separated

reason: the friction plate is bonded with the pulley; The set screw is loose, causing the clutch shift pin to fall off; The clutch shift pin is severely worn

Troubleshooting: remove the belt pulley assembly to separate the bonding part, use sandpaper to polish the saw surface of the friction European reimbursement vehicle method required to improve the recycling capacity of the vehicle, and replace the clutch pin; Tighten the set screw

the positioning clutch is not completely disengaged

cause: the adjusting nut is not adjusted properly; Release pin and adjusting nut sliding buckle; The locating convex edge on the clutch teeth is worn; The tension spring is broken (use the positioning clutch of the shift fork). Inspection method: first open the positioning separation cover, check whether the adjusting nut is in the correct position, whether the adjusting nut and the separation pin slide and whether the tension spring is broken. If there is no problem, then remove the power take-off shaft assembly and check the technical state of the locating convex edge of the tooth insert

Troubleshooting: adjust the adjusting nut to the correct position; The release pin or adjusting nut sliding buckle should be replaced; Replace the tension spring; If the locating convex edge is worn, the mating surface of the separating teeth can be ground off by about 0.5mm; Replace it if it is seriously worn

a group of planting arms do not work

reason: the chain box transmission shaft is broken; The chain is out of pin or broken

Troubleshooting: connect the chain; Replace the drive shaft

seedling box hopping

reason: the slider or chute is worn; The fixing bolts at both ends of the seedling door are loose; Deformation of seedling gate; Lifting handle too high; The seedling feeding roller is rusted; Screw of seedling feeding roller is deformed

Troubleshooting: first replace the roller and screw, and then check the slider chute. If it is seriously worn, replace it; Correct the fixing screws of the seedling door; If the fixed part of the seedling door is worn, a rectangular gasket can be added; When the handle is too high, pry up the front end of the handle with a screwdriver and install a new buffer block

the seedling box does not work

reason: the finger pin or screw shaft is worn; The sliding sleeve fixing bolts are missing

Troubleshooting: open the working transmission case cover and replace the finger pin or spiral shaft; If the sliding sleeve fixing bolt is omitted, it should be reinstalled

poor seedling setting or floating seedlings

reasons: too much or too little water in the seedling bed; Improper adjustment of transplanting depth; Paddy field topsoil is too hard or soft; The seedling claws are worn

Troubleshooting: in addition to taking corresponding measures, it can slow down the transplanting speed, and the non riding transplanter can also press the handle down

The number of plants in the

acupoints is more than the standard number of plants in each acupoint

The main reasons for the excessive number of plants in the

hole are: too much water on the seedbed; Improper adjustment of seedling picking amount. Corresponding measures should be taken to solve it

the seedlings are scattered after transplanting

reason: the pushing stroke of the seedling pusher is small; The seedbed is too dry or the moisture is too large; The joint between the seedling and the seedling is not tight; Paddy field topsoil is too hard or soft

elimination method: in addition to taking relative measures, it can reduce the speed of transplanting, promote the joint research of new material equipment manufacturers and material manufacturers, replace seedling claws, clean or replace seedling guide grooves

hole leakage exceeds the standard

the hole leakage rate of the mobile rice transplanter should generally not exceed 0.5%. The main reason for hole leakage is: seedling field sowing 3 Sensor of metal tensile testing machine: the quality of the sensor determines the uneven force measuring stability of the testing machine; Seedling arching or seedling sticking door; There are inclusions at the seedling picking mouth; The seedling tray is too wide, which makes it difficult to send seedlings vertically

exclusion method: reload seedlings or cut seedlings to standard width; Remove sundries from seedlings; Replace seedlings with uneven density

uneven seedlings in each row

reason: inconsistent water content of seedbed soil; The adjustment of seedling needles in each row is inconsistent; The uneven tension of longitudinal seedling feeding will also make the seedlings of each row uneven

Troubleshooting: in addition to taking corresponding measures to solve the problem, some transplanters can adjust the seedling feeding wheels one by one, so that each longitudinal seedling feeding stroke is mm

accumulation of seedlings at the seedling gate

reason: the seedling claws are worn and cannot be fully taken; The two tips of the seedling claw are uneven and the spacing between the seedling claws is too narrow or wide; Seedling bed soil is too thick, and the standard thickness of seedling bed soil is 2 cm。

elimination method: replace the new seedling claw or correct the spacing distance of the seedling claw in time

the amount of seedling picking is sometimes more or less

reason: the adjustment bolt of seedling picking is loose; The lower hole of the swing rod and the connecting rod shaft are worn

elimination method: readjust the seedling harvesting amount and tighten the adjusting bolts; Replace the swing rod and connecting rod shaft

seedling clamping

cause: the tip of the separating needle is worn; The separating needle is upturned; Grinding depth of pressing plate groove; The seedling pusher is worn; The guide sleeve is worn; The seedling pushing spring is broken; The fork and cam are worn

Troubleshooting: replace worn parts

the depth of each row is inconsistent

reason: the wear of the fork, fork shaft, seedling pushing cam and so on of each planting arm is inconsistent; Each chain case is not on the same horizontal plane

Troubleshooting: first correct each chain box on the same horizontal plane, and then replace the worn parts

insertion depth adjustment failure

cause: the lifting rod or lifting nut produces sliding buckle; The fixed pin hole is grinded large; The fixed pin seat of rectangular tube is broken

Troubleshooting: replace the lifting rod, nut or pin shaft; Weld the fixed pin seat

the separating needle touches the seedling gate

reason: the seedling gate is misplaced; Improper installation of planting arm; The inner hole of the planting arm crank is worn; The separating needle is upturned; Excessive adjustment of seedling harvesting; The swing rod shaft is loose or the lower hole is worn

exclusion method: reset and fix the seedling gate; Adjust the planting arm to the correct position; Replace the worn crank or chain shaft; Correct or replace the separation needle; Replace the swing rod or swing rod shaft and bearing; Reduce the amount of seedlings taken

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