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Maintenance skills of agricultural machinery

there are many problems in the maintenance of agricultural machinery There are many difficulties in ending the experiment or carrying out the next round of experiment, namely: difficult to check, difficult to unload, difficult to install, difficult to repair, etc. strengthening management and skillful handling can prolong the service life of the machine and reduce the cost. 1、 Skillfully check the cracks

soak the suspicious machine parts in kerosene for 30 minutes, take them out and wipe the surface dry, and apply a layer of chalk ash on the surface. After a period of time, because the chalk ash absorbs the kerosene exuding from the cracks, the cracked places become black, and the cracked parts can be found

second, assemble and disassemble the tire skillfully

first remove the rust on the rim, apply a thin layer of talcum powder between the inner and outer tires, and then lay the rim flat and put on the outer tire. Qi Jun, the president of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, was revealed with a foot or a crowbar, so that some users complained that there was a problem with the instrument. It showed that the rim on one side of the outer tube pried the aqueous silicon Pu court into the rim, put the inner tube, and fix the inflation valve in the rim inflation valve hole with iron wire, and finally install the other side of the outer tube. Starting from the corresponding position of the inflation valve, pry a part of the tire into the rim with a crowbar, and then gradually install it from the inflation valve to both sides. At the same time, step on the tread opposite to the inflation valve with your foot, and pry while stepping on it, so that the steel ring of the outer tire can be gradually installed into the rim

the tire has been used for a long time, and the outer tire is easy to rust and stick to the steel ring, so it is difficult to take it out. You can dismantle the tire together with the steel ring, put it flat on the ground, sprinkle water on the inner ring of the tire, and then tap around the inner ring of the tire with a hammer, while tapping and watering. After a few hammers, the water will penetrate into the rusty and sticky parts, and the tire can be easily taken out

III. skillfully install the crankshaft oil seal

roll a piece of clean thin hard paper into a trumpet shaped drum, put the drum on the shaft, put the small end of the drum on the shaft end, put the oil seal on the small end of the drum, gently screw the oil seal into the shaft, and the rotation direction is consistent with the winding direction of the drum. When the oil seal is screwed in place, slowly exit the drum

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