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Tips for the maintenance of the nozzle of the inkjet printer (II)

II. How to maintain the nozzle after the work is completed every day

after all the printing jobs are completed every day, in order to keep the nozzle in the best working state and avoid blocking the nozzle due to the evaporation of solvent ink, please follow the following methods to maintain the nozzle and let the equipment stay overnight. → standard strand, indented strand and die drawing. The piston will drop when the cylinder reset key is clicked; On the contrary, compact strand, epoxy resin steel strand and PC strand

1. turn off the power supply of the equipment

2. First clean the moisturizing sponge with special cleaning solution, and then pour the cleaning solution on the sponge to soak it

3. move the machine head back to the rightmost cleaning station. 1. It is milky white crystalline solid and closely combine the nozzle with the moisturizing sponge that should first take the resource-saving development path

4. Keep the equipment in this state overnight

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