Major breakthrough in the development of the hotte

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Major breakthroughs have been made in the development of radiant cooler

has it given you a new understanding of concrete pressure testing machine? I hope the above brief introduction can help you! Recently, liuxiangmin, a member of the Party group of Aluminum Corporation of China and senior vice president of Aluminum Corporation of China, attended the commissioning ceremony of the medium resolution imaging spectrometer developed by Shanghai Institute of technology and physics for China's FengYun-3 meteorological satellite. The cooler has successively completed the development of prototype and preliminary structure thermal control satellite products in the pattern stage, and has carried out thermal vacuum tests and mechanical property tests, with good results

Zhongxinda has created one miracle after another. The radiation cooler of resolution imaging spectrometer is a new generation of large cooling capacity radiation cooler. The thermodynamic performance index of this new cooler greatly exceeds the overall requirements. The secondary temperature reaches 82k, and the refrigerating capacity reaches 110MW at 97k, breaking the 100MW mark

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