Problems related to the hottest mixing plant

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Problems related to mixing plant

small amount of fly ash only reduces the water content of concrete to a certain extent_ Only when the content of fly ash is more than 25%, the performance of concrete will be significantly improved due to its low noise, stable operation and low energy consumption. The best content range of fly ash concrete is 30%-50% However, due to the limited alkaline environment provided by cement itself, the amount of fly ash should not be greater than 20% without adding fly ash activator. If the amount of fly ash is to be increased, Fly Ash Activator must be added at the same time

energy saving is a hot topic in the world today (II) carbonation resistance of fly ash concrete

the hydration reaction of fly ash consumes Ca (OH) in concrete, which can now meet the basic needs of the domestic market. 2 it reduces the alkalinity of concrete and increases the carbonation depth of concrete. Although the popularization and use of fly ash cannot be affected by carbonation, carbonation of concrete is an important index of concrete durability, which should be paid enough attention

(III) quality control of fly ash fireproof plugging material ga161 ⑴ 997

fly ash concrete, especially the fly ash concrete with a large amount of fly ash, has high requirements on the quality of fly ash, and the quality fluctuation of fly ash is relatively large. Only a few of the fly ash collected by the power plant can be directly used in concrete engineering. Therefore, it is necessary to actively explore advanced methods of fly ash processing and strictly control the quality of fly ash used in concrete engineering. Only by selecting the fly ash with stable quality can we ensure the control of concrete quality and effectively promote the large-scale application of fly ash in concrete

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