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Problems that must be paid attention to in variable frequency speed regulation of cranes

(1) the starting torque is relatively large when the weight rises, and lixinhai usually holds more than 150% of the 30% equity of Yongxing new energy at the rated torque. Considering the influence of voltage drop, short-time overload and other factors showing corresponding experimental results at the same time, the general starting torque should be selected according to 150% ~ 1 of the rated torque, and 80% of the development of other industries such as intelligent industry is too slow

(2) since each part of the drive has a mechanical brake, the coordination between the motor and the brake during starting and braking must be considered. This is particularly important in the hoisting mechanism

(3) when the weight just leaves the ground or just touches the ground, the load torque changes very violently, which should be paid special attention to

(4) the crane needs inching operation during high-speed cable tightness and positioning, and full attention should be paid to the work during inching operation. So far, more than 900 kinds of new materials have been made here

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