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From July 8 to 11, 2016, tianzhijiao door industry made its debut at the 18th Guangzhou Construction Expo with new products, attracting many exhibitors and dealers to the exhibition hall to inquire and negotiate cooperation

home hotline reported that from July 8 to 11, 2016, tianzhijiao door industry made its debut at the 18th Guangzhou Construction Expo with new products, attracting many exhibitors and dealers to the exhibition hall to inquire and negotiate cooperation. Zhang Yu, the sales manager of tianzhijiao door industry, said in an exclusive interview with Huiya information home hotline reporters that although tianzhijiao participated in the exhibition for the first time, it has achieved good results. In the future, tianzhijiao will move to a new factory, upgrade production equipment to achieve product stability and quality, further improve product quality, and strive to provide better services to consumers

on site interview guest: Zhang Yu, sales manager of tianzhijiao door industry

wooden door world: Hello, president Zhang! Thank you for your interview with Huiya media. The Guangzhou Construction Expo proposed the positioning of "champion first show platform" to help departments and enterprises develop against the trend. So, for your enterprise, what is the significance of this exhibition

President Zhang: Hello, everyone! I'm Zhang Yu, sales manager of tianzhijiao door industry. This is our first appearance at the Guangzhou Construction Expo. As an influential brand in the southwest region, we received an invitation to participate in the first show platform, bringing our packaged products, wood products, including wardrobe and other products. At this exhibition, tianzhijiao attracted dealers from all over the country, achieved good investment results and achieved good results

wooden door world: compared with previous years, the scale of this Construction Expo is larger, attracting many dealers to visit and understand. What are your advantages in terms of dealer policy support

president Zhang: in terms of policies, including our wooden doors, packaged and other products, we still have relatively large support for dealers and franchised stores. First of all, in terms of brand support, we have successively appeared at some exhibitions in Guangzhou, Beijing, Chengdu and other places to promote our brand and build a certain brand awareness. Secondly, in a practical sense, we will provide some business ideas for dealers' sample support and holiday promotional activities, as well as special support for personnel training, pre store decoration, painting design and so on. At this exhibition, we selected a number of excellent dealers to join in as franchised stores, but we have certain requirements in terms of investment attraction, which requires certain strength and concept. As long as he joins our team, our team will do its best to support him and serve him well

wooden door world: it has been half since 2016. What are your plans and development goals in the second half of the next year or in the future

president Zhang: our whole plan in 2016 is to move to the new plant in the second half of the year. The new plant is located in the national industrial park. The plant has been completed, covering an area of about 100 mu. The equipment of the plant has been basically in place. It is expected to move from our old production base to the new production base before August 31. After entering the new production base, we will realize the stability and high quality of our products through equipment, which is a new requirement put forward by the whole industry. Especially in the general environment of the whole building materials environment in the past two years, we need to have more and deeper improvements in products and processing technology, so as to meet the needs of consumers and provide better services and products for consumers and dealers

wooden door world: is the equipment of the new plant imported from abroad? Mr. Zhang, what do you think of foreign production equipment

President Zhang: the equipment of our new plant includes both imported and domestic equipment. In terms of production equipment, our key equipment is imported from abroad, but in fact, most of the equipment includes spraying lines, automatic engraving systems and woodworking centers, which are selected from some of the better domestic equipment. We also investigate the use of peer enterprises, including their feedback on the use of equipment. Now China's own equipment is also very good. It supports domestic production, so we also use a lot of domestic equipment




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