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At present, small house type rooms are favored by young people, but small house types also have the trouble of small house types. With the gradual accumulation of daily necessities and sundries, how can we make a small space hold more things

at present, small family rooms are favored by young people. It is undoubtedly a happy thing to have a small home of your own, but small family also has the troubles of small family. With the gradual accumulation of daily necessities and sundries, how can you make a small space hold more things? Rheinland egger has a clever trick. Today, let's use examples to show the big transformation of small space, so that your small house can fit into a big space

part1: small apartment porch storage expansion

Storage Tips: for the narrow porch position at the entrance, the overall white porch cabinet is selected for storage. The white porch cabinet not only has a beautiful appearance, but also has a whole shoe cabinet and storage display cabinet. The porch table can also place items, with powerful storage function

store tips: as soon as you enter the door, there is a large porch mirror. You can't see why from the appearance, but there is a mystery inside. When you open the porch mirror, there is a wide storage space, which not only increases the storage function for the porch, but also makes the porch play a role of regional division, which is both beautiful and practical

Storage Tips: this type of combined porch cabinet can also be considered at the entrance porch. It takes up a small area, but its function is very practical. It can not only store items, but also easily put clothes, bags, keys and other daily trinkets into the upper storage rack

storing tips: the porch has a wall full of shoe cabinets and lockers, with a space in the middle of the cabinet, which can not only place accessories, but also increase the sense of space

part2: storage and expansion of small family living room

Storage Tips: replace the TV background wall with storage cabinet, which not only plays a good role in storage and display, but also uses light color, which also has the effect of visual space expansion

store tips: white furniture can effectively make up for the tight sense of space in small houses, and effectively extend the visual range; Behind the sofa is the display cabinet of the owner's collection, which has a good storage effect. Various hand-made models are densely placed in the display cabinet, but it does not appear messy

storing tips: it is also a good choice to combine the TV background wall with the bookcase. In the cabinet made of layered wood, the owner's favorite books are neatly placed, adding a trace of literary and artistic atmosphere to the whole space. You can also sit on the sofa and read books during rest, so that your living room can also become a study

part3: small bedroom storage and expansion

Storage Tips: the bedroom space is small, and it is best to create a work area integrating tables and cabinets. Storage and work and study are taken into account, and the occupied space area is not large, neat and beautiful

Storage Tips: there is not enough storage space. In fact, the bed can also be used as an article. It is a good choice to build the bed into a storage cabinet. Throw in all the infrequent things, and easily solve the small problem of no place for sundries and messy space

Storage Tips: bed back decorative cabinet + embedded wardrobe is a good match. Photos, collectibles and favorite books can be placed beside the bed, making the storage of these small items easy. Coupled with the design of embedded wardrobe, it perfectly solves the problem of large space occupied by the wardrobe and bid farewell to the congestion of the whole space

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