The whole house is customized, modern and simple.

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[Erica whole house customization] in today's busy life, the simple and generous design style is more respected by people. I'm used to the bustle of life now. I've been busy all day, and I

[Erica whole house customization] in today's busy life, the simple and generous design style is more respected by people. We are used to the bustle of life now. After a busy day, we want to live in a quiet, comfortable, spacious and bright environment to eliminate visual fatigue, forget the hustle and bustle of the city, and enjoy the tranquility of life, and the simple style design meets this demand

▲ the custom porch cabinet at the entrance is in harmony with the overall black-and-white gray in color, which not only forms a visual barrier to resolve the embarrassing situation of the entrance hall, but also increases the practicality of the space. The design of the photo wall on the right adds a touch of warmth to the space, so that people can feel the beautiful memories of all wonderful moments rather than just photos hanging on the wall

▲ the overall shape of the living room is simple but atmospheric. Some warm colors are added to the soft decoration as ornaments to neutralize the cold of black, white and gray. The TV wall adopts customized TV cabinets to replace the redundant design, which makes the whole space more layered, and also increases the storage space of daily supplies

▲ in order to avoid monotony, the restaurant adds rich elements, raises some green plants, and the flexibility of plants injects the temperature of life into the space, so that we in the city can return to nature and make the space full of natural freshness. The chandelier also chooses the popular metal color this year to match with the black table to create a fashionable and high-grade texture. The sideboard cabinet also echoes with the porch cabinet at the entrance, making the whole space more comprehensive

▲ the focus of simple style is simplicity, that is, simple appearance, simple and generous indoor space, but its functionality is strong. This is the case in the bedroom. In terms of details, the placement of items should be neat, the decorative items should be less, and the color and layout should be simple, elegant and generous. The white curtains fluttered in the wind, making the whole bedroom full of immortality

▲ the customized bookcase in the study fits the wall perfectly, giving full play to the role of every inch of space. The design of tatami makes the whole space more diversified, including work, rest and storage, so that life and work are perfectly integrated




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