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People who are familiar with the building materials market or are running for home decoration should be able to find that a kind of decoration material called "integrated wall" on the market is on fire. In the building materials City, we can see that integrated wall stores of various brands have sprung up like "bamboo shoots after a spring rain"

so what is Shanxi integrated wall? Why the fire

Shanxi integrated wall is an integrated whole house decoration solution aiming at the disadvantages of home decoration pollution and cumbersome processes. Tscn integrated wall panel is made of bamboo and wood fibers and extruded at high temperature. In addition to the wallpaper and color patterns of the paint, the surface is also characterized by a strong sense of three-dimensional and concave convex surface. It is a new generation of wallpaper and paint

the popularity of Shanxi integrated wall is not accidental. It was proposed in 2009. It has experienced the crisis of raw materials caused by rising prices, the overall downturn caused by the decline of real estate, and then the reshuffle crisis caused by the financial tsunami. It is still popular in 2016

directly speaking, this is inseparable from the advantages of the consumer market environment and the integrated wall

new and convenient changes in consumption concepts and aesthetics are more popular

when we are paying attention to the convenience brought by smart phones, and the shocking beauty presented by movies and fashion, consumers' consumption concepts are also more "poetry and distance". They are good-looking, three-dimensional, plasticized, healthy and green, easy-going, etc. how cool, how poetic and how to come about. It seems like this. Previously unthinkable distance, impossible poetry can be reached. These new mainstream consumer aesthetics have erupted from people's understanding of intelligent supersonic for five years

in addition to the changes in consumer aesthetics, the love for this kind of aesthetics is growing. The integrated wall is on fire, which is also closely related to the changes in the industry. No one can resist the 100 billion supermarket. As a new building material, integrated wall is introduced by tubiqi. From the beginning, it establishes brand awareness and pays more attention to the market positioning of enterprise brands. Strengthen advertising, pay attention to product quality and reputation. Tscn Tuscany integrated walls cultivate certain characteristics for products from all aspects, and establish the corporate market image, so as to form a special preference in the eyes of customers and win customers' brand loyalty. The brand image can add some unique values above practical value to products, and the key to win customers' brand loyalty is the market positioning of tscn Tuscany brand

who doesn't love these "cute" places

regardless of the external environment, the integrated wall is favored by businesses and loved by consumers, of course, by its own characteristics. When it comes to decoration, most people will think: it has taste, and it will take more than half a year; Moldy, difficult to clean, falling off, few patterns, troublesome operation, etc., and the integrated wall can make all these get away

integrated wall features:

1. Compared with ordinary decoration, the cost savings in labor is about 20000 (due to different decoration concepts and cost savings, this data cannot be directly defined)

2. Easy to install. Compared with wallpaper, when processing wallpaper, there are too many surface treatment procedures in the blank room, and the labor cost is large. The integrated wall can basically be installed directly on the surface of the wool culture room

3. Wallpaper with good retention is not easy to clean after installation; The moisture-proof performance of wallpaper is poor. Once it is damp, mildew, falling off and other phenomena will occur, and the properties of the integrated wall will not change when encountering water. Compared with ceramic tiles, this product can prevent moisture and avoid the phenomenon of water droplets hanging on the wall during the plum rain season

4. Environmental protection and no harm compared with paint, it has a strong environmental protection performance. After the completion of home decoration, it can be occupied directly without any harm to human body. Compared with most wall materials, it has strong environmental protection performance

5. Compared with the monotony of paint, the flat panel of wallpaper has more colors, more three-dimensional and more realistic effects. Products can be matched at will,

in addition, the integrated wall also mentioned the effects of noise reduction, fire prevention, compression resistance, heat preservation, etc., which are optimized to every detail

who needs it more

therefore, the integrated wall is likely to be favored by consumers with children. Children are weak in resistance and protection, so health and environmental protection are very important. The better the effect, the better the quality, the more popular. At the same time, a variety of wall options can also make the room more interesting. Children's climbing and touching all need the walls and floors of the home to be safe. Children can also clean up by writing and painting on the wall.

children need a healthy and environmentally friendly environment.

the busier "white collars" in the whole society can also operate less snacks. How considerate is a decoration that is easy to install, labor-saving and clean. After all, time is really not much for them, and installation is time-consuming. And this class is also the main representative of aesthetics in the new era. The innovative fashion of integrated walls can meet their needs

in addition, large-scale projects may also be a large audience of integrated walls. The decoration is simple, safe and easy to make mistakes, and it can also satisfy customers

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